General Resources

Phylum Mollusca - links/information/pictures of Nudibranchs, and the Nudibranch Newsletter

Bernard Picton's page- Excellent page on Nudibranchs

Cone Shells and Conotoxin
About Octopuses - Mote Marine Laboratory

Molluscan Collections Catalogues

- Information for Malacologists

CLEMAM Database
- Checklist of European Marine Mollusca

- Cephalapod Research at Aberdeen

The search for the Giant Squid

Cowrie Genetic Database Project
- at Berkelely

Phylum Crustacea

Hermit Crab Gallery - an Australian Site, pictures and links

Phylum Cnidaria

British Sea Anemones

Phylum Echinodermata

Sea Turtles

Sharks / Whales

The Basking Shark Society at the Isle of Man

The Shark Trust

Mediterranean Shark Site


Whale Net - interactive education website on whales/marine research


Mangrove Replenishment Initiative

The Global Mangrove Protection Website

Coral Reefs

On-Line Journals / Science Magazines

New Scientist (UK)

Scientific American Magazine

HMS Beagle - Online BioMedNet Magazine

Marine Laboratories / Libraries on-line

Research Councils

NERC (Natural Environment Research Council)

Listservers to join

Molluscan Evolution Listserver

Cephalopod Page Listserver

Starfish Listserver, Starnet - Internet subscribe to

Mailbase - provides e-discussion lists for the UK Higher Education Community

General Information Sources

BUBL Information Service - National Information for the Higher Education Community

British Marine Life Study Society, produce Glaucus journal, also Shorewatch newsletter, and torpedo electronic bulletin

Sealife Centre webpage

The Littoral Zone - Interesting story with photos of how a seaweed reproduces

Coccolithophores - research and pictures

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